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Breaking down the Utility Industry: Expert Insights From Ian Clark of Dichotomy Capital

Breaking down the Utility Industry: Expert Insights From Ian Clark of Dichotomy Capital

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Preferred Shares Podcast.

Lawrence Hamtil, of Fortune Financial Advisors, and Douglas Ott, of Andvari Associates, were the primary researchers for this episode. In this episode, we are joined by Ian Clark, founder and head of Dichotomy Capital, a power market focused investment manager that utilizes intensive research to find attractive opportunities in the public and private markets. 

In this episode

  • Ian Clark’s personal and professional background

  • What is a fat pitch for an expert in the utility space?

  • Difference between regulated and unregulated markets

  • Is there an investor preference for utilities that are diversified or focused on one type of market?

  • Ian’s checklist for evaluating a utility investment

  • Factors that impact the capital structure of a utility company

  • Catastrophe risk and why water utilities are so boring

  • Are synergies really available post-acquisition in a heavily regulated environment?

  • Best practices in the utility space

  • The push/pull of returning capital to shareholders versus reinvesting for growth

  • Ian on the Averch-Johnson effect

  • Will data centers and AI be a boon to utilities?

  • Is there a great capital allocator in the utility space?

  • Utilities are the last bastion for true scuttlebutt research

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